EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress

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The EasyFix Plus Vacuum Mattress has been designed to facilitate the transfer of patients without cervical collars per recent European medical studies.

  • Head, neck and upper back segments improved for more secure immobilization
  • X-ray, CT and MRI transparent
  • Improved chamber system for immobilization designed for use without a cervical collar
  • Three-layer on the reverse glass fiber to reduce friction durability
  • Head restraints attached to the mattress – limit the risk of losing the head straps
  • Improved chamber system
  • Light-weight and compact storage
  • Repair kit easy to use for effective repair
  • Interchangeable valve, multi-fit system
  • High-quality aluminum pump with more than 700 hPa
  • Carry capacity of 250 kg, 10 handles (5/side)
  • Compliant to EN 1789 and 1865

In addition to these features, the EasyFix Plus’ head, neck, and upper back are reinforced into one piece for improved immobilization capacity when not using a cervical collar. A redesigned head strap system complements these innovative changes. The underside of the mattress has a new, fire retardant, fiberglass layer to reduce friction and increase durability.

The EasyFix PLUS Ready2Go is a bundled kit and includes;

  1. EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress with restraint system
  2. Footrest Vacuum Pump
  3. Repair Kit
  4. Bag
  • Compliant to EN 1789 and 1865
  • Approved for European standard and crash tested for 10G
Code Description Dimensions
W x L x D
Weight Load Rating
271 511 000 EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress 72-130 x 208 x 4.5 cm 8.4 kg 250 kg
271 511 001 EasyFix PLUS Ready2Go 68-78 x 62 x 27 cm* 11.5 kg

*Bag with kit contents dimensions

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