Microflex® Ultra One® UL-315 – Durable latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves with Extended Coverage

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Ultra One® gloves are ideal if high-risk conditions require extended protection for your wrist and forearm. Strong, durable and comfortable, these latex gloves minimize risk through superior barrier protection.

Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex (latex) which may cause allergic reactions in some users. Safe use of this glove by or on latex sensitized individuals has not been established.


Recommended for

  • Extra protection over the wrist and arm
  • Inspection, picking, checking and marking
  • Maintaining lab furniture and equipment
  • Sample taking and processing
  • Transporting raw materials
  • Unpacking of bulk goods

Product details

  • Finger Thickness 0.30 mm
  • Glove Length 300 mm, 11.8″, extended
  • 50 gloves in a box; 10 boxes in a carton