Microflex® Ultraform® UF-524 – Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves – Second Skin Feel for Enhanced Tactile Sensitivity

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Our unique, soft formulation forms to your hands effortlessly, as if it is a second skin. In field tests, users wearing Ultraform® experienced an increase in fine motor task performance compared to a bare hand.

Recommended for

  • All food processing, applications that have food contact
  • Assembly of parts
  • Brief procedures and examinations
  • Enhanced tactile sensitivity and dexterity, especially for delicate procedures
  • Extra comfort during long, sustained procedures
  • Plant disinfection and sanitization
  • Protection from Type I latex allergy in HCW’s or patients
  • Sample taking and processing
  • Standard patient examinations

Product details

  • Finger Thickness 0.08 mm
  • Glove Length 230 mm, 9.1″, standard
  • 300 gloves in a box; 10 boxes per carton