POWERFlexx+® Powered Cot

The POWERFlexx+ Powered Ambulance Cot delivers 700lb unassisted lift capacity. The cot lifts the weight, not the operator, reducing situations where operators may injure their back. The POWERFlexx+ Powered Ambulance Cot also features advanced power management features and in-the-fastener charging to keep you powered on every call, without having to carry around extra batteries or take them out to charge.



  • 700 lbs. Unassisted Lift Capacity
  • 5-Position Head End Load Frame
  • 2 Color Choices: Rescue Red or Electric Blue
  • Elongated Rectangular X-Frame
  • Non-Telescoping Tubing
  • Reflective Labeling
  • 360° Turn Radius
  • Ergonomic Control Panel at Operator End
  • ICS® (Integrated Charging System) Available
  • User Intuitive Color Controls
  • On/Off Switch on Operator Panel
  • Power Pack Located Under Backrest
  • 24V Lead Acid Battery System
  • Auto Shutoff During Charging
  • Battery Charger Indicator
  • Clear Anodized Upper Mainframe
  • No Pinch Points Along Mainframe
  • Manual Override Mode Handle with Secondary Lock
  • One Hand Sidearm Release
  • Swing Out Sidearms Lock at 90°
  • X-Frame Runs on 4 Shafts Using Linear Bearings
  • Dual Piston Actuator
  • Extra-Wide Backrest Panel
  • Mattress Retained by Locking Clips
  • 79” Patient Surface / Mattress
  • Completely Enclosed Hydraulic System
  • Single Hand Activated
  • Dual Side Operation of Backrest
  • Safety Bail release Handle on the Side
  • One-Hand Release Infinite Positioning Gas Assist Backrest
  • LBS and LBS Jr. Compatible
  • Fixed Leg with Dual Rail for Stability
  • Fastener: 175 or Stat Trac Compatible


  • 700 lb. Lifting Capacity — raises the patient weight without lift assistance.
  • All-Metal Frame Construction — provides strength, durability, and exceptional performance with heavy patients.
  • Five-Position Drop Frame — and multi-position foot-end lift bar reduce the cot length by 15″ for movement in confined spaces, and provide true 360 degree turning radius in the lowest position.
  • Eliminate Battery Management — with the optional Integrated Charging System (ICS).
  • Wide Thumb Controls — provide effective gripping and control from a variety of positions with or without gloves.
  • Reflective Labeling — provides nighttime visibility for added safety (includes optional personalized graphics).
  • 24 Volt DC Power Pack — with hydraulic actuator and dual lifting cylinders provides smooth and reliable lifting.
34Length Max
83 in 211 cm
Length Min
61 in 155 cm
133 lbs 60 kg
Lift Capacity
700 lbs 318 kg
Load Limit
700 lbs 318 kg
Shipping Weight
230 lbs 105 kg
24 in 61 cm
Max Loading Height
34 in. 86 cm