Z-102 Defibrillator Mount for Zoll

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An unsecured defibrillator can become a dangerous projectile in an ambulance compartment, resulting in severe injury or death to those inside. Increase the safety of your crews and patients during patient transport with the Ferno Z-102 Defibrillator Mount Kit, which secures the Zoll M Series Defibrillators with Extreme Pack II.


  • A quick release mechanism allows easy locking and unlocking of a defibrillator for grab-and-go convenience on scene
  • Each Ferno Defibrillator Mount features a swivel base for easy positioning and viewing of the monitor screen during patient care


  • Each Ferno Defibrillator Mount is easily installed onto a countertop or bench
  • Ferno Defibrillator Mounts accommodate the defibrillator and soft storage accessories
9.25 in 23 cm
2.5 in 6 cm
10.5 in 26 cm

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