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NAJO Lite Backboard

The NAJO Lite is our lightest NAJO backboard at just 14.5 lb. It features a central slot in the lower half of the board to immobilize each leg separately. Two handholds at the tapered end allow stable transport and angled edges enable easy log-rolling. The NAJO Lite backboard is capable of floating 154 lb. NAJO boards meet OSHA recommendations with strong, one-piece high-density, polyethylene plastic construction. The backboards are filled with polyurethane foam and feature greater density around the handholds. They are impervious to all bodily fluids, easy to decontaminate, and are 100% radiolucent. Strong, yet lightweight, NAJO boards are buoyant and can float a patient in water.

Model 449 WizLoc Cervical Collar

The WizLoc Cervical Collar features a universal design that fits patients from ages two to adult, allowing for quick and safe spinal immobilization. The adjustable, 3-position occipital support with keyhole lock-pin and self-centering mandibular support provide on-patient sizing and adjustment, increasing accuracy of application and patient comfort.

445 Universal Head Immobilizer

The lightweight, easy-to-apply Model 445 Universal Head Immobilizer helps immobilize patients quickly and safely, allowing you to deliver more comfortable and secure care. It features two plastic-coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base, and two durable head straps that conform to the patient’s forehead. Large ear holes allow you to easily monitor the patient. The base plate fits all FERNO backboards (except the NAJO Sports Board). Head supports can be used on any standard backboard or can be inverted for use on the FERNO Scoop Stretcher.

HeadHugger Disposable Head Immobilizer

The HeadHugger provides low-cost head immobilization that is useful in mass casualty accidents or during times when retrieving equipment is difficult. Constructed of lightweight, water-resistant, and radiolucent corrugated plastic, the HeadHugger is dependable for one-time use. Features independent support panels that fold around the patient’s head and are held in place with hook-and-loop fasteners. Side-panel openings allow easy access to the patient’s ears for monitoring. 10 pack

Mantis Tri-Fold Metal Backboard

Our Original Ferno Mantis Tri-Fold Evacuation Board is ideal for confined space or vehicle extraction because of its light weight, compact size and rapid deployment. Generous hand holds accept most common strap systems. An optional set of FMS Tactical Restraints are available. The FMS Mantis has passed operational testing and selected during user field evaluations as the Evac-Board of record integrated into the USSOCOM (TCCC) Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) sets P/N FM840A106 (standard) P/N FM800A175 (TCCC) NSN 6530-01-688-6622

Ferno CPR Polyurethane Board

The Ferno CPR Board provides a firm surface for CPR training and administration. The head cup maintains proper alignment of patient’s head and helps to properly position a patient and ensure a constant, open airway. Contoured sides make lifting the patient easier.

Ferno Frac Cardboard Splint

The Ferno Frac Splint is a low cost, compact and convenient leg splint that can be shaped to fit all leg sizes. The waxed cardboard is water resistant, X-ray transparent and MRI compatible. The Ferno Frac Splint folds and locks into position to offer ankle and foot support. Packs flat ready for use. One size can be shaped to suit all.

Ferno Finger Splint Kit

The Ferno Finger-Splint Kit contains a variety of the most commonly used splints. Manufactured from soft aluminum, they are X-ray translucent and easy to apply. These splints are malleable and can be easily formed to fit each patient exactly. The kit includes five different splits in a variety of sizes for a total of 25 splints.

Ferno Frac-Care Kit

The Ferno Frac-Care Kit features versatile limb splints that can be used as lefts or rights. Kit includes adult arm splint, adult leg splint, arm/ shoulder immobilizer, child arm splint, child leg splint, straps, and a carrying case. X-ray translucent and MRI compatible


SpeedSplints are constructed of extruded plastic making it waterproof and lightweight. The splint is x-ray penetrable and adjusts to fit most heights. Its compact design allows for efficient use of limited storage space.