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EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress

Effective and secure vacuumed environment for a safer transfer of patients and casualties. Designed to give better product protection in unforgiving operating environments, the ground-facing base surface is made from a durable low-friction material, with easier maneuverability and better patient handling. A new V-shaped inner chamber system gives rigid and effective C-spine immobilization without the need to use a cervical collar, which can cause extra trauma to the patient during positioning of a collar. Designed for use in both rescue and medical emergency situations, the EasyFix PLUS vacuum mattress raises the level inpatient immobilization & transportation equipment, allowing a patient to be moved from scene all the way through to scanner without the need to transfer between different devices, in all environments and situations. The EasyFix PLUS Ready2Go is a bundled kit and includes;
  1. EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress with restraint system
  2. Footrest Vacuum Pump
  3. Repair Kit
  4. Bag