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Leg Strap

Leg restraint for Model 42 Chair, Model 40 Chair, and Model 107 Series Ambulance Stretcher Chairs.

Model 11 Stretcher with Wheels

The Model 11 is a simple, flat, foldable stretcher useful for transferring patients who have no suspected spinal injury. Features include a lightweight aluminum frame, two folding posts at the head-end of the stretcher, and 2 folding wheels at the foot-end. Stretcher surface is a heavy-duty, bacteriostatic, vinyl-coated nylon. Orange

Model 108-AF Folding Emergency Stretcher

All FERNO Pole Stretchers provide you with durability and easy handling. The Model 108-AF folds lengthwise and crosswise for easy storage.

Model 108-D Disaster Litter

The Model 108-D is an economical, lightweight litter designed for disaster use. Ideal for use by medics, fire departments, law enforcement, hospitals, or other agencies that need a sturdy, compact, and economical litter for mass casualty response.

Model 108-T Tactical Litter

The Ferno Tactical Litter is a super-strong, military-style litter designed for tactical, HazMat-CBRN Decon, USAR and disaster use. Follows US military Spec MIL-L-49511B.

Model 107-C Ambulance Stretcher Chair

The Model 107-C Stair Chair is designed to serve as a wheeled chair, a stair chair, and a flat stretcher, and it allows you to quickly and easily switch from one position to another. Both ends feature 2 carrying handles and two 4-inch wheels. The stretcher position features an adjustable backrest. Includes patient restraints.