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Foot-End Pull-Out Handles, For Model 35X and 56

Foot-End Telescoping Handles and Mounting Blocks with Pins. 2 per kit Compatible with 35X and 56 Ambulance Cots.

SX Surface Xtender

The SX Surface Xtender gives a greater feeling of comfort and stability to patients and reduces the likelihood of operator injuries that can occur when handling larger patients. The SX Surface Xtender widens the cot surface of the POWER X1 Ambulance Cot, POWERX and the iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System by 38%. 220 lb load capacity per wing.

Secure Lock+ Storage Bracket

The Secure Lock+ Storage Bracket is a stair chair-storage solution that can hold FERNO EZ-Glide Stair Chairs. The Secure Lock+ holds a folded evacuation stair chair and is designed to be installed on the wall of an ambulance or building. The bottom bracket supports the lower frame of the chair, and the top bracket secures the chair lift bar. The storage bracket features a restraint that wraps around the folded chair for added security.
  • SAE J3043, KKK-A-1822
  • EN 1789

Model 59T EZ-Glide Wall Bracket

The EZ-Glide Wall Bracket conveniently holds the Model 59T EZ-Glide Stair Chair, Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair, Model 40-OS Stair Chair, Model 42 Stair Chair and Model 48 Stair Chair when not in use. This wall mount can be used to store the chair on a wall in an emergency response center.

Three-Stage IV Pole

The Three-Stage IV Pole is designed to hold IV solution bags and infusion pumps. Its three-stage, adjustable-height design allows you to place IV solutions at the appropriate level for each patient. The IV Pole mounts directly onto the frame of the POWER X1 Ambulance Cot, iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System, or Mondial Monobloc. It is easy to attach and detach, and can be moved to either side of the cot.