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75′ Water Rescue Professional Throw Bag

The MRD175 throw bag is designed for water rescue professionals to allow for maximum throwing efficiency and ease of re-loading even with a gloved hand. The 75' rope is 3/8" in diameter, floats, and has a minimum 2000 lb breaking strength with a nylon core and polypropylene, yellow and orange weave sheath. The MRD175 is a true 75' from knot end to knot end, making distance measuring much easier.

Atom Access Harness

A rope access workhorse that’s as durable as it is comfortable. The ATOM Access is certified to European and North American Standards. It is built with a custom feature set for rope access including aluminum attachment points, aluminum side attachments, steel adjuster buckles, molded gear loops, tool loops, and an integrated chest ascender that can be easily swapped out when desired.

B-Lock Head Immobilizer

The ergonomic elliptical openings on the side blocks of the B-lock, make the positioning of the head immobilizer easier. In this way it is possible to interact with the patient, who will have greater comfort in the auricle area.

Closed Cell Neoprene Hood

The MA7348 Closed Cell Neoprene Hood offers increased protection against the elements when worn with Mustang Survival anti-exposure gear. Designed for easy integration with the MSD900, MSD901, MSD636, MAC300, and MSF300. The hood provides exceptional head and neck insulation and includes a lanyard to tether hood to suit, an adjustable mouth guard for protection from spray, and a velcro attachment point for an emergency light.

Ferno F.R.E.D.

Ferno FRED (Ferno Rescue Emergency Device) is a low-cost rescue device that has been put through some serious testing and used in a broad range of training scenarios. He's even starred as a stunt double in a few movies.

Ferno IndustriPOD

The IndustriPOD® is a rugged and versatile tripod with built in safety factors that exceeds internationally recognised rescue systems and standards. Its simplistic but unique design makes it ideal for heavy duty confined space requirement where guaranteed performance is mandatory.

Ferno IndustriPOD+

The IndustriPOD+® is the newest heavy-duty tripod from Ferno Australia. Versatile and durable, the IndustriPOD+ has built-in safety factors equivalent to internationally recognised rescue systems.

Flood Response Suit, 2 Piece

A VERSATILE SUIT FOR FLOOD RESPONSE TECHNICIANS The MSD824 is a unique and innovative 2-piece waterproof & breathable constant flood water response suit, ideal for flood and after incident responses. The suit consists of 2 halves that can be worn individually for localized dry performance or joined via their Quick-LockTM waist closure system to achieve dry suit performance under special circumstances. Developed by First Responder operators with years of field experience in after-event cleanup and operations, the 2-piece design provides maximum flexibility required during after incident and flood operations. The MSD824 2 Piece Flood Response Suit is an excellent system for the most demanding flood rescue and management technician(s).

Fluid Resistant Restraints

Ferno fluid resistant restraints are specially made out of 100% polyvinyl chloride (PVC) webbing.