Bradco Stretcher System with Restraints

The Bradco Stretcher System is a highly featured litter, with its heavy-duty all-aluminum frame construction, high-density polyethylene shell and patient support and restraint system.

This stretcher is especially well-suited for Industrial Rescue applications. The Spring-Suspended patient support and restraint system is constructed from vinyl-coated nylon and supports the patient several inches off the bottom frame of the stretcher. This makes for as smooth and comfortable a ride as possible.

The double flap cover and restraint strap system allows a patient to be transported in almost any position with a maximum of comfort and security.

The Bradco Stretcher System comes complete with the basket stretcher, patient support and restraint system, 4 – lifting straps and has a Traverse-rated load capacity of 11 kN (2,500 lb.).


Product Features

  • Plastic Outer-Shell – Protects patient and gives a completely smooth sliding surface
  • Suspended Restraint System – Allows consistent, fast and secure immobilization as well as the most comfortable evacuation possible for the patient
  • Designed for Vertical or Horizontal Use – Adaptive to any use
  • Optional Storage Bag – Keeps Stretcher and contents clean in dirty environments Certifications


  • CE Classified and Certified Class 1