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Flow Therapy Oxygen Regulator

When you need to provide oxygen therapy, the O-Two Adjustable Oxygen Therapy Regulator provides quality manufacturing and performance. The “Aluminum Free” brass construction improves product safety by reducing the risk of exacerbating regulator fires should they occur. Where weight is a concern the aluminum body/brass core regulators provide the security of all brass construction. With its offset gauge and small diameter body, these regulators are one of the smallest of their type. Ideal for all applications where adjustable oxygen therapy 0 – 25 lpm flow rates are to be provided. It is unbeatable for quality, size and performance.

O-Two Statvac II Oxygen Powered Aspirator

The O-Two Statvac® II Aspirator is capable of effectively suctioning out excessive quantities of fluid/particles from a patient’s oro/naso pharynx. The lightweight aspirator is designed to be attached to any 50 psi DISS outlet. The suction catheter can be quickly cleared of foreign material by covering the aspirator exhaust port with one finger, reversing the flow. Includes 12oz Jar, 6ft Hose, and Tubing.

O-Two Pulse Oximeter

Designed for use in a wide range of environments – from pre-hospital emergency to hospitals and home health care. Designed to fit a wide range of patient sizes from pediatric to adult with minimal clamping pressure to maintain skin integrity and circulation. Includes Belt Case, 2 Landyards, and 2 Batteries.

Guedal Airway Kit

Single-use, colour-coded airways. Includes a clear case with an airway tray. Set of 8 Airways sizes: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 mm

Suction Easy Manual Emergency Suction Unit

Suction Easy™ is a simple, inexpensive solution to facilitate training and use for this aspect of airway management. It also provides you with the quickest, safest and most effective form of emergency suction. This emergency suction unit is a must have in your first responder airway kit.The Suction Easy Emergency Suction Unit features a unique double-valved design that allows continuous operation with one hand, while the other hand directs the suction tip through your patient's oropharynx. A consistent vacuum force is applied with each squeeze of the bulb and the material drawn into the bulb is expelled into an attached collection bag. You maintain excellent visibility throughout the procedure.
The Suction Easy is ideal for use in emergency crash carts and can be easily stored in a wall box for emergency suction in hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and physician offices.

Rescuer Pocket Resuscitator

Clear plastic, with soft inflated cuff and fold down top, designed to fit adult or child No assembly required Patented

Airway Faceshield with Filter

Maximum protection for rescuer and patient Available with patented BLS One-way Valve and filter or flat filter and flap valve

Rescuer Silicone Reusable Masks

Durable and reusable Silicone with polycarbonate Anatomical shaped cuff for excellent seal For use with anesthesia and manual or mechanical

Oxygen Cylinder Brackets

Wall-mounted cylinder holders securely hold either “D” or “E” size oxygen cylinders in place. Choose from the single or dual holder. Wall mounted base provides secure retention system and eliminates swaying, tipping, and rattling oxygen cylinders.