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Transcend Stair Chair

The Transcend Stair Chair with POWERTraxx provides maximum safety and power when transporting a patient up or down stairs. Its electronically-controlled motor, direct drive transmission, and powered tracks push and pull patient loads of up to 550 pounds up and down stairs with ease. The chair and track system carry the weight, increasing patient safety and reducing operator fatigue and risk of injury.

iNX Patient Transport & Loading System

Every-day operations in EMS, such as lifting and lowering, and loading and unloading, increase the risk of personal injury to medics. This often results in lost workdays and even lost careers. The iN∫X system was created with extensive feedback from EMS professionals to protect you from the risk of injury at every step of the call, and make your job easier while enhancing delivery of care. The iN∫X system was created with extensive feedback from EMS professionals to protect you from the risk of injury at every step of the call, and make your job easier while enhancing delivery of care. Ferno iN∫X Specification PDF

POWER X1 Ambulance Cot

The POWER X1 Ambulance Cot offers more power, stability, maneuverability, and speed than any competitive powered cot.

With an unassisted lift capacity of 700 lb, the POWER X1 is the ultimate solution for both everyday and bariatric transport. Its industry-leading battery technology provides high-powered, reliable performance on every call. The POWER X1 is cross-compatible, as it can be used with a range of cot fastening systems—including both FERNO and Stryker solutions.

EZ-Glide Stair Chair with POWERTraxx

The EZ-Glide with Powertraxx® provides maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks. The tracks and motor carry the patient load, not the operator. Enjoy maximum performance on every call with intelligent power system that runs up to 20 flights of stairs per charge. The chair's easy operation when climbing or descending stairs with intuitive, easy-to-use paddle-style controls keep you in control. Visit to register for more information or a demo. Available in red and blue.

EZ-Glide 59T Stair Chair

The EZ Glide® Tracked Stair Chair glides patient loads up to 500 lbs. down stairs without carrying or lifting. Ferno’s industry leading one inch track-to-ground clearance and front swivel-wheels provide superior maneuverability over carpet and in confined spaces such as stair landings. Available in red and blue.

35-A Mobile Transporter

The Model 35A Mobile Transporter, combines the benefits of a multi level cot with the easy loading of a roll-in style cot. Empty one-person load capability for user convenience. Back rest is adjustable to 8 different height levels. The Ferno 35A Cot provides exceptional value for X-frame cot users. The cots weighs just 74 lbs. and has a proven record of dependability with over 20 years of use by services all over the country.

POWERTraxx Conversion Kit for EZ-Glide Stair Chair

Upgrading from a standard evacuation chair to a powered model doesn’t have to mean abandoning existing equipment and starting from scratch. Ferno’s PowerTraxx conversion kit contains everything that’s needed to economically retrofit power control onto a EZ GLIDE chair – transforming it into the most flexible powered track chair available anywhere. Installed by a trained technician, the kit includes all the parts needed to convert a standard chair into a powered chair; a motorised track module, control panel, battery and charger, and all necessary mounting and connection hardware.

35-IT Incubator Transporter

The Model 35-IT is designed to safely carry transport incubators in emergency vehicles. An OHMEDA Transport Incubator fits snugly onto the Model 35-IT. An Air-Shields or AirBorne incubator may be used with an optional adapter kit. The Model 175 Series Fastening System is recommended for use with the Model 35-IT.

EZ-Glide 59E Evacuation Chair

The Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair helps you quickly and safely transport a seated passenger down stairs and over flat surfaces in an evacuation situation. Belted tracks enable operators to “glide” the chair down stairs instead of carrying it. The durable Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair can carry up to 500 lb (227 kg). It is available in a manual version or a power version that features POWERTraxx. The powered track system carries all of the weight, up to 500 lb, up or down stairs. This greatly reduces operator strain and increases operator and passenger safety.
  • SAE J3043 compliant when combined w/ the Secure Lock+

35X PROFlexx Ambulance Cot

Ferno’s 35 PROFlexx, X-Frame cot, has been carefully engineered to provide industry leading stability you need when transferring and transporting patients. A longer, fixed front leg in the X-Frame provides minimal flex and a low center of gravity at all heights. This means you may be less likely to flip or tip a cot during transfers and transport, reducing situations that may cause injury to you or your patient. The PROFlexx can carry 700 lbs. in the transport position and up to 1100 lbs. in the lowest position.

Scoop EXL TSL Extender Kit

The TSL Extender allows you to widen the surface area of the Scoop EXL Stretcher for transferring physically larger patients. With a safe working load of 227 kg and adjustable length, the Scoop EXL is capable of carrying a range of patients, from young to old, small to large. When attached to the head-end, foot-end, or at both ends, the TSL Extender accessory allows the Scoop EXL Stretcher to be extended in shape and width to accommodate larger body shapes and sizes.

PRO F1 Universal Cot Fastener

The PRO F1 Universal Cot Fastener is the first truly SAE-compliant cross-compatible cot fastener.

It is designed for use with the FERNO POWER X1, Stryker Power-PRO™* XT, and Stryker Performance-PRO™* XT ambulance cots. With the PRO F1, you can easily exchange cots between the vehicles in your fleet as needed, knowing that they will be safely secured in compliance with worldwide crash-test standards.