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Mini Roll-In Mortuary Cot

The Ferno Mini Cot's compact and lightweight design provides easy small body retrieval. Its One-Man, roll-in style allows one person to perform retrieval. Special release levers make it possible to load the cot into a vehicle without assuming the full weight of the cot and the deceased.

Model 23 Mortuary Cot

With an extra-long wheel base to provide exceptional stability, its slide-action leg lock securely locks both sets of legs simultaneously when folded. With its legs folded and locked, it can be used as a two-wheeled stretcher. Stair glides reduce wear on the cot and promote smooth movement down stairs. The cot is also wide enough to accommodate a portable stretcher.

Model 24 Multi-Level Mortuary Cot

The Model 24 Multi-Level, Roll-In Style Cot allows one person to perfect retrieval. Special release levers make it possible to raise and lower the cot without assuming the full weight of the cot and body. The load-end legs on the Model 24 unfold and lock automatically when unloading the cot. In confined areas, the Model 24 acts as a highly maneuverable, two-wheeled stretcher when the undercarriage is folded and locked. It slides down stairs in this position with built-in stair guides. The multi-level feature allows the body to be moved easily from bed to cot. The cot also allows a portable stretcher to lie evenly in place.

Model 24-MAXX Mortuary Cot

With its unique, independent-leg design, wider surface, and oversized wheels, the 24-MAXX allows you to transport bodies weighing up to 1,000 pounds while reducing the risk of back injuries. The cot allows for easy maneuverability in tight areas and down stairs, and has a powder-coated frame and stylish design. The 24-MAXX, with a variety of innovative features, offers the dependable performance you’ve come to expect from Ferno, the industry leader.

Model 24-miniMAXX Mortuary Cot

The 24-miniMAXX has all of the innovative features of the 24-MAXX in a narrow package. The 24-miniMAXX has true independent legs with multi-level adjustment, six-inch wheels, dual hand controls, and a distinguished durable gloss-black powder-coated finish. An industry-leading 1000 lb load capacity allows 24-miniMAXX to handle large bodies with ease. The narrow bed-surface gives the 24-miniMAXX increased maneuverability and allows two cots to be placed side-by-side in the rear of most vehicles. The 24-miniMAXX comes complete with a 1-inch mattress and two seven-foot, two-piece black restraints, and is compatible with most Ferno covers and pouches.

Model 27-1 Multi-Level Mortuary Cot

The Model 27-1 Multi-Level, Roll-In Style Cot blends classic design with innovative features. Easy to maneuver in close quarters and narrow doorways and allowing easy access to the body. The multi-level undercarriage provides flexibility in retrieval.

24 MAXX Cot Mattress

These mattresses are constructed with a one-inch polyurethane, foam pad cover with vinyl-coated nylon. The cover is wear and abrasion-resistant, bacteriostatic, fire-resistant, and easy to clean. Available in black.

372 Mortuary Cot Mattress

The Model 372 Cot Mattress is constructed with a one-inch polyurethane foam pad covered with vinyl-coated nylon. The cover is wear and abrasion resistant, bacteriostatic, fire-resistant, and easy to clean.