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Model 36 Dressing Table

An exclusive, one-hand release on the Model 36 allows you to quickly adjust the table height from 32" to 38". The Model 36 rolls on four 6" swivel wheels that lock directionally for stability. Specify grey or wood grain laminated table top when ordering. The Model 36 Dressing Table is now available in a wider version. The Model 36W includes the same features as the regular width. Model 36, but is 29" (74 cm) wide.

Model 34 Folding Dressing Table

The Model 34 Dressing Table unfolds quickly for use and stores compactly when not in use. The two-piece, laminated top resists scratches and stains and can be cleaned in seconds. Four 6" swivel wheels are equipped with locks. Please specify grey or wood grain laminated table top when ordering. The Model 34 Dressing Table is now available in a wider version. The Model 34W includes the same features as the regular width Model 34, but is 29" (74 cm) wide.

101-H Hydraulic Operating Table

Allows quick height and angle adjustments using the three foot pedals. Either end of the table may be raised or lowered to any position between 28½" and 40½" above the floor for easy preparation from a standing or sitting position. The table top is convex to drain fluids away from the body and an extra-deep trough runs the perimeter of the table, reducing the need for splash guards. A drain in the center of the foot end quickly eliminates fluids from the table. Four 8" swivel wheels lock instantly with a single foot pedal or one set of wheels locks directionally for easy rolling. Type 304 stainless steel with a 3 finish ensures easy maintenance and a solid surface base eliminates crevices where liquids can accumulate.

103 Mortuary Combination Operating Table

The Model 103 Combination Operating Table is a multipurpose table, ideal for embalming, transferring and dressing. For added convenience, each end can be adjusted independently for individual working height and drainage. The stainless steel top is durable and rigid, featuring a convex surface and deep side troughs for efficient drainage without the need for splash guards. It features 6" wheels lock to keep table stationary while in use.

Model 4000 Ultra Care Lift With Hand Control

Easy to maneuver, requiring minimal effort from only one person to lift and carry bodies or caskets. Simply press a button on the hand-held pendant and the lift gently raises or lowers loads up to 750 lb. The control unit has an integrated rechargeable battery that can be charged by plugging the lift into a standard 115VAC wall outlet. Easily disassembles for convenient transportation and storage.