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Foil Emergency Blanket

Multipurpose, emergency first aid blanket made of aluminized non-stretch polyester.

Flat Sheets

AllCare flat sheets are made from lightweight fluid-resistant material to provide comfort and cover for the patient. 40 x 84 in

Fitted Stretcher Sheets

AllCare fitted sheets are made from tear-resistant and fluid repellent materials. Available in various grades for handling different weight and fluid resistance requirements.

Linen Pack

25 packs/Case   Each Linen Pack includes: - EF800 - Heavy Duty Fitted Sheet - FS200 - Patient Privacy Sheet - PL100 - Universal Pillow Case    

Pillows & Pillow Cases

Pillows are made from non-woven fabric filled with hypoallergenic material for patient comfort and body support. The pillow cases are fluid resistant.

Burn Sheet

Burn sheets are non-woven. The burn sheets are of laminated tissue fibers that provide a sterile environment to protect the patient from infection. The burn sheet s construction resists tearing and is comfortable to patient contours. The burn sheets may be used as a wet or dry dressing. 25/case

Emergency Blankets

Premium polyester blanket for patient warmth and protection under various emergency conditions.

Traverse 2-in-1 Blanket and Pillow

The blanket is made of extremely lightweight fleece and is washable for a limited number of uses. 60" x 90", blue blanket

Fleece Blanket

This Kemp USA light weight, fleece blanket is 100% polyester. Features trim with matching whip stitch. Blanket is machine washable and dryable.

Wool-Blend Blankets

The Kemp USA wool blanket is a great multipurpose blanket. As a few examples, this blanket has been spotted in action for disaster relief, humanitarian aid, in hospitals, for military use, as hotel standbys, and donation blankets. Dimensions: 60” x 90” Weight: 30% - 3lbs, 50% - 4lbs

Model 353 Quilted Nylon Blanket

The Model 353 Quilted Nylon Blanket is made of 100% nylon foam and 100% cotton broadcloth.

Model 354 Wool-Blend Blanket

The Model 354 Wool Blend Blanket is made of 70% wool and 30% synthetic fibers. Ferno blankets are constructed from the finest quality materials to withstand years of hard use.