FERNO is the global leader in pre-hospital emergency care solutions, serving emergency services, fire rescue, mortuary, industrial safety, police, and the United States military.

SINCE 1955


You’re dedicated and devoted to the work you do. It’s your calling, and one that’s not always easy or uncomplicated. Day in and day out, you need high-quality, reliable, and streamlined solutions that increase your efficiency and keep both you and your patients safe in any situation.

At FERNO, we’ve been creating those solutions since 1955, improving today’s go-to EMS equipment and uncovering new, better ideas for tomorrow.

As the leading global provider of emergency care solutions, we’ve put our decades of experience to work for you, innovating products to transform the delivery of emergency care.

FERNO’s POWER X1 Ambulance Cot, iNX Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System, and iNTRAXX Integrated Vehicle Component System are proof of our history of innovation. Through it all, we’ve maintained a focus on safety and a commitment to helping medics and EMS agencies deliver the very best emergency care.

To date, we’ve partnered with EMS professionals and innovators from all over the world to develop and deliver a family of solutions that collectively focuses on Medics, Vehicles, and Intelligence to enhance protection and performance for all your EMS operations. Working together, we’ve transformed the delivery of emergency and patient care. Working together, we’re dedicated to improving the EMS industry, and your work, even more.


FERNO is the global leader in pre-hospital emergency care solutions, serving emergency services, fire rescue, mortuary, industrial safety, police, and the United States military.

FERNO serves more than 100 countries and has partnered with EMS customers, caregivers, safety and regulatory agencies, and customers globally to create a new vision for the delivery of emergency care. FERNO is committed to modernizing EMS systems through the creation of integrated products that maximize the delivery of care while heightening safety for caregivers and patients.


Be recognized as the innovative partner in global emergency, mortuary, and healthcare markets by improving the value of life through the use of care-giving products.


Our mission is to satisfy our customers with innovative cost-effective products that improve healthcare delivery for caregivers and those they serve.


We have a strong customer service orientation, and we are committed to responsibly meeting our customers’ needs in an effective, timely, supportive manner.


We value our supplier relationships and strive to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial associations. We expect our sources to provide quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a fair, competitive price.


The corporate headquarters of Ferno-Washington, Inc., are located in Wilmington, Ohio, USA

The Ferno Group of Companies domestic operations consist of:

  • Ferno Aviation, Atlanta, GA
  • Spiracle Technologies, Fountain Valley, CA.


Ferno UK, Cleckheaton, England
Ferno Transportgeraete and Utila, Troisdorf, Germany
Ferno Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Ferno France, Amberieu, France
Ferno Schweiz, Littau, Switzerland
Ferno Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Ferno Washington Italia, Prato and Bologna, Italy
Traverse Rescue, Mississauga, Canada
Ferno Australia, Brisbane, Australia
Ferno Mexico, Guaymas, Mexico
Ferno Slovakia, Bosaca, Slovakia

We are committed to being responsible and respected corporate citizens in the communities in which we operate.



From pioneering use of aluminum tubing to creating the revolutionary Model 30 X-Frame Cot to innovating the transformative technology of iNTRAXX, FERNO has led the way to better, safer, and more efficient care. Any EMT or Paramedic who has transported a patient has encountered a product derived from FERNO’s innovations, which date back to 1945.
Ferno-Washington, Inc, Founders:
Elroy Bourgraf and Dick Ferneau
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