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Model 11 Stretcher with Wheels

The Model 11 is a simple, flat, foldable stretcher useful for transferring patients who have no suspected spinal injury. Features include a lightweight aluminum frame, two folding posts at the head-end of the stretcher, and 2 folding wheels at the foot-end. Stretcher surface is a heavy-duty, bacteriostatic, vinyl-coated nylon. Orange

Model 132 Manta Rescue Aid

The Manta Rescue Aid/Transfer Sheet offers the versatility to aid you in many rescue scenarios. The aid makes it easier for you to transfer bariatric patients up to 800 lb, and it can also be used to evacuate patients or fallen firefighters or cover patients during window extractions.

Ferno Transfer Board

The Transfer Board helps you easily transfer patients between surfaces. The board is designed to aid EMS professionals in moving patients from scene to stretcher and from stretcher to hospital bed.

Model 11-T Stretcher with Track

The Model 11-T stretcher is sturdy and lightweight and has an innovative track system that allows removal down stairs with ease and more control. It has two front wheels and narrow track-to-ground clearance for easy maneuvering over all surfaces, even with tracks deployed. Folds in half when not in use for easy carrying and storage. Includes two 5' quick-release patient restraints and a footrest.

Model 65 Scoop Stretchers

Ferno’s Scoop Stretcher eliminates the need for log-roll maneuvers, which significantly decreases movement to the cervical spine. The Scoop is also Ideal for hip injuries and for accident victims found on the street. This all aluminum scoop uncouples at either end or both ends. Includes three burgundy or black restraints. Available with or without pins.

Model 131 Flexible Stretcher

Constructed of 18-ounce nylon and solid oak slats, the flexible stretcher's heat-sealed seams protect the slats and reinforce the overall construction. Three 2" webbing straps secure the carrier around the body and the six handles make it easy to carry the body. Available in burgundy.

Bodypod Transfer Mattress

The Bodypod helps you to simplify in-house removals. We’re now on a mission: ‘Reduce lifting and physical stress for the funeral service employee.’ Narrow hallways and tight corridors can make body removals extremely difficult for you and your colleagues. This is why so many workers in the body removal industry have to deal with physical stress. With obesity on the rise, lifting becomes almost impossible in more and more situations.

Model 135 Stretcher/Body Bag

This combination flexible stretcher and body bag folds compactly and completely conceals the body. The two-ply, vinyl-coated nylon construction resists stain, does not absorb moisture or bodily fluids, is fire resistant, and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Features a full plastic zipper and six durable, permanently blocked formed handles. Available in burgundy.