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Transcend Stair Chair

The Transcend Stair Chair with POWERTraxx provides maximum safety and power when transporting a patient up or down stairs. Its electronically-controlled motor, direct drive transmission, and powered tracks push and pull patient loads of up to 550 pounds up and down stairs with ease. The chair and track system carry the weight, increasing patient safety and reducing operator fatigue and risk of injury.

EZ-Glide Stair Chair with POWERTraxx

The EZ-Glide with Powertraxx® provides maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks. The tracks and motor carry the patient load, not the operator. Enjoy maximum performance on every call with intelligent power system that runs up to 20 flights of stairs per charge. The chair's easy operation when climbing or descending stairs with intuitive, easy-to-use paddle-style controls keep you in control. Visit to register for more information or a demo. Available in red and blue.

EZ-Glide 59T Stair Chair

The EZ Glide® Tracked Stair Chair glides patient loads up to 500 lbs. down stairs without carrying or lifting. Ferno’s industry leading one inch track-to-ground clearance and front swivel-wheels provide superior maneuverability over carpet and in confined spaces such as stair landings. Available in red and blue.

EZ-Glide 59E Evacuation Chair

The Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair helps you quickly and safely transport a seated passenger down stairs and over flat surfaces in an evacuation situation. Belted tracks enable operators to “glide” the chair down stairs instead of carrying it. The durable Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair can carry up to 500 lb (227 kg). It is available in a manual version or a power version that features POWERTraxx. The powered track system carries all of the weight, up to 500 lb, up or down stairs. This greatly reduces operator strain and increases operator and passenger safety.
  • SAE J3043 compliant when combined w/ the Secure Lock+

Saver Model S-242 Folding Patient Transport Chair

The Saver S-242 Patient transport chair is easy to maneuver by two operators in cramped quarters.

Model 40 Stair Chair

The Model 40 Stair Chair is easy to maneuver through cramped quarters, making it ideal for use in high-rise buildings or industrial settings. Telescoping handles allow front-end operators to move without interfering with the passenger’s feet. The Model 40 has a load capacity of 350 lb.

Model 42 Stair Chair

Designed to be stored in small places, the Model 42 Stair Chair functions well in confined areas such as narrow hallways and multiple-landing stairways. Two 4" rear stationary wheels and two 2" low-profile front guide wheels allow the Model 42 to roll over most carpeted or hard surfaces. Four lifting handles with nonslip handgrips enable EMTs to move the patient safely and easily. Soft vinyl-coated cover is simple and easy to clean, resists blood, stains and bodily fluids. Locking safety latch maintains Model 42 in the chair position during use. Safety latch is manually released when the chair is folded for storage. Two 7' quick release patient restraints securely hold the patient.