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B-Lock Head Immobilizer

The ergonomic elliptical openings on the side blocks of the B-lock, make the positioning of the head immobilizer easier. In this way it is possible to interact with the patient, who will have greater comfort in the auricle area.

445 Universal Head Immobilizer

The lightweight, easy-to-apply Model 445 Universal Head Immobilizer helps immobilize patients quickly and safely, allowing you to deliver more comfortable and secure care. It features two plastic-coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base, and two durable head straps that conform to the patient’s forehead. Large ear holes allow you to easily monitor the patient. The base plate fits all FERNO backboards (except the NAJO Sports Board). Head supports can be used on any standard backboard or can be inverted for use on the FERNO Scoop Stretcher.

Model 449 WizLoc Cervical Collar

The WizLoc Cervical Collar features a universal design that fits patients from ages two to adult, allowing for quick and safe spinal immobilization. The adjustable, 3-position occipital support with keyhole lock-pin and self-centering mandibular support provide on-patient sizing and adjustment, increasing accuracy of application and patient comfort.