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EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress

Effective and secure vacuumed environment for a safer transfer of patients and casualties. Designed to give better product protection in unforgiving operating environments, the ground-facing base surface is made from a durable low-friction material, with easier maneuverability and better patient handling. A new V-shaped inner chamber system gives rigid and effective C-spine immobilization without the need to use a cervical collar, which can cause extra trauma to the patient during positioning of a collar. Designed for use in both rescue and medical emergency situations, the EasyFix PLUS vacuum mattress raises the level inpatient immobilization & transportation equipment, allowing a patient to be moved from scene all the way through to scanner without the need to transfer between different devices, in all environments and situations. The EasyFix PLUS Ready2Go is a bundled kit and includes;
  1. EasyFix PLUS Vacuum Mattress with restraint system
  2. Footrest Vacuum Pump
  3. Repair Kit
  4. Bag


SpeedSplints are constructed of extruded plastic making it waterproof and lightweight. The splint is x-ray penetrable and adjusts to fit most heights. Its compact design allows for efficient use of limited storage space.

Ferno Elastic Splint Strap

The Ferno Elastic Splint Straps allow first responders and paramedics to quickly and easily secure a wide variety of splinting and immobilization devices. The Velcro patches allow the Splint Strap to be secured to itself or multiple straps can be attached to one another in series to form a longer Strap if needed.