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Microflex ColorTouch Pink CTP-233 Gloves

Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves
These high quality, polymer-coated latex gloves provide outstanding protection and are textured to provide a more secure grip. ColorTouch Pink gloves slide on easily and are designed to provide exceptional comfort to keep hands relaxed.
Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex (latex) which may cause allergic reactions in some users. Safe use of this glove by or on latex sensitized individuals has not been established.

Microflex ComfortGrip CFG-900 Gloves

Affordable, comfortable protection and grip
MICROFLEX ComfortGrip CFG-900 are affordable 5 mil latex gloves that offer hand protection you can trust.  These comfortable, powder free disposable latex gloves have a fully textured surface to allow wearers in a range of industries to securely grip tools and materials. MICROFLEX ComfortGrip powder free disposable latex gloves can be used by healthcare and dental professionals because they are medical exam grade certified.  These 5 mil latex gloves are also compliant with US regulations regarding food contact, so can be used to protect the hands of food workers.

Microflex Derma Free DF-850 Gloves

Affordable protection offering low risk of skin irritation
MICROFLEX Derma Free DF-850 vinyl gloves provide complete hand protection for a variety of applications. This 100% synthetic glove is powder-free and features a smooth surface for more natural tactile sensitivity.

Microflex Diamond Grip MF-300 Gloves

Durable Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves with Enhanced, Textured Fingertips
MICROFLEX Diamond Grip gloves are made to protect hands in the most demanding environments.  These tough, durable disposable latex gloves are uniquely designed to be extra thick at the fingers (7.9 mils) for added protection against rips, snags and tears where you need it most.  Their textured fingers help wearers more securely grip tools and materials. Made of a soft, elastic latex material, MICROFLEX Diamond Grip gloves provide superior protection with incredible dexterity.  These strong disposable latex gloves are double chlorinated, so they feel smooth against skin and are easier to put on. The comfort and durability of MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of workers in need of tough hand protection.  The robust design of these disposable latex gloves makes them perfect to protect the hands of automotive aftermarket workers, maintenance workers and industrial workers handling both light and heavy machinery and equipment.  Their comfort and chemical resistance make MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves ideal for use by laboratory researchers and others in need of protection against chemical splashes. MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves are medical examination grade, so can also be used to protect the hands of healthcare professionals. Contact Ansell today to find out more about MICROFLEX® Diamond Grip gloves and our complete portfolio of trusted PPE.

Microflex Diamond Grip Plus DGP-350 Gloves

Exceptional Fit and Feel for Extended Wear - Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves
Professionals demand the combination of comfort and strength that Diamond Grip Plus gloves provide in both wet and dry conditions. Featuring great elasticity and excellent tactile sensitivity, these premium, multi-purpose gloves deliver continuous and consistent comfort and strength.

Microflex Dura Flock DFK-608 Gloves

Extra durability with a thin, moisture absorbing flock lining
Utilizing a super-thin moisture absorbing flock lining, Microflex Dura Flock is a thick, nitrile glove that keeps hands dry and comfortable while offering increased protection for demanding jobs.

Microflex Evolution One EV-2050 Gloves

Maximum comfort for long shifts
Microflex Evolution One is a latex examination glove that provides reliable protection and comfort, with a secure grip.

Microflex FreeForm EC FFE-775 Gloves

Extended protection and grip, approved for use by first responders
When performing mid-duty work, Microflex FreeForm EC is a long cuff nitrile glove that offers reliable protection and a secure grip.  Its extended cuff provides expanded protection over the wrist and forearm.

Microflex FreeForm SE FFS-700 Gloves

Nitrile Powder-Free Mid-Duty Examination Gloves
Mid-duty nitrile exam glove. If your light to mid-duty tasks demand reliable protection, FreeForm® SE is the glove you need. The unique combination of strength and comfort makes FreeForm® SE gloves a top choice for a variety of jobs.

Microflex LIFESTAR EC LSE-104 Gloves

Nitrile Extended Cuff Examination Gloves
Microflex LifeStar EC nitrile extended cuff examination gloves are designed for the Emergency Medical Professional. The double dipped, dual colour helps users quickly ID if the glove has been compromised. Our high-quality standards deliver amazing strength and durability while providing exceptional comfort and tactile. Bulk packed 100 gloves per box reduces waste.

Microflex Micro One MO-150 Gloves

Latex Lightly-Powdered Gloves
Micro One is a latex glove that is lightly powdered for easy donning with a smooth surface for heightened sensitivity.
Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex (latex) which may cause allergic reactions in some users. Safe use of this glove by or on latex sensitized individuals has not been established.

Microflex MidKnight MK-296 Gloves

Distinctive, Black Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves
MICROFLEX MidKnight MK-296 black nitrile exam gloves offer tough protection while masking dirt, oils and grease so wearers’ hands look neat and professional during work. In addition to hiding stains, the dark color of these sturdy gloves makes it easy for workers to see lighter materials they handle. These disposable grip gloves are also fully textured and non-foaming, so workers can confidently grip tools and materials even when wet. The robust design of MICROFLEX MidKnight black nitrile gloves makes them perfect for auto mechanics, maintenance workers and a wide range of other industrial workers in tough jobs where hands get dirty. These disposable grip gloves are also a great choice for law enforcement and corrections officers in need of gloves that protect against fentanyl, as they are proven to resist both fentanyl and gastric acid (vomit) for more than 240 minutes.
Note: XXL size is textured fingertips only.