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35-A Mobile Transporter

The Model 35A Mobile Transporter, combines the benefits of a multi level cot with the easy loading of a roll-in style cot. Empty one-person load capability for user convenience. Back rest is adjustable to 8 different height levels. The Ferno 35A Cot provides exceptional value for X-frame cot users. The cots weighs just 74 lbs. and has a proven record of dependability with over 20 years of use by services all over the country.

35X-ST PROFlexx Ambulance Cot

The 35XST PROFlexx X-Frame Ambulance Cot offers exceptional safety and stability when transferring and transporting heavy patients. A wider bed surface provides comfort and support for patients of various sizes and increased room for CPR or intubation. The enhanced stability reduces the chances of tips which can potentially lead to injury to patients and caregivers.

35X PROFlexx Ambulance Cot

Ferno’s 35 PROFlexx, X-Frame cot, has been carefully engineered to provide industry leading stability you need when transferring and transporting patients. A longer, fixed front leg in the X-Frame provides minimal flex and a low center of gravity at all heights. This means you may be less likely to flip or tip a cot during transfers and transport, reducing situations that may cause injury to you or your patient. The PROFlexx can carry 700 lbs. in the transport position and up to 1100 lbs. in the lowest position.

Model 353 Quilted Nylon Blanket

The Model 353 Quilted Nylon Blanket is made of 100% nylon foam and 100% cotton broadcloth.

418-1 Adjustable Lifting Bridle

The Adjustable Lifting Bridle features locking steel carabiners made for attachment to lifting points. The carabiner's welded-in retaining bar prevents separation from the bridle webbing. Both ends of the bridle are independently adjustable for ideal patient positioning. The 481-1 Adjustable Lifting Bridle is used with FERNO Model 71 Basket Stretcher. With bag.

Model 5100 Airway Management Oxygen Bag

The Model 5100 Airway Management Oxygen Bag features quick oxygen access through an outside pocket and carries D and Jumbo D oxygen cylinders. Includes two removable Model 5137 utility pouches, one Model 5131 pouch, and an O2 cylinder bag with a handle. Includes removable stiffeners and inserts for custom configuration.

Model 338 Disaster Pouch

Heavy duty, vinyl-coated nylon fabric makes for a sturdy pouch. This pouch features a full-length, brass zipper. Six strong, easy-to-grip carrying handles permit the pouch to be used as a litter.

Model 354 Wool-Blend Blanket

The Model 354 Wool Blend Blanket is made of 70% wool and 30% synthetic fibers. Ferno blankets are constructed from the finest quality materials to withstand years of hard use.

Model 5103 Trauma Responder II Bag

The Model 5103 Trauma Responder II Bag opens completely flat and features configurable dividers, elastic loops, and an interior pouch to keep supplies readily accessible. An enhanced outside pocket features elastic loops and a pouch for easy access. Features removable stiffeners and inserts for custom configuration, concealed shoulder straps, reflective labels, and a replaceable bottom that protects the bag from wet ground.

347-1 Disaster Pouch

This disposable pouch is made of electronically sealed vinyl and resists abrasions, acid, formaldehyde, and bloodstains. It will not leak, deteriorate, or mildew, and it is not affected by temperature extremes. This pouch is also burnable. Available in white, the Model 347-1 features a heavy-duty, U-shaped metal zipper with double slides.

Model 5107 Professional BLS Trauma Bag

The Professional Trauma Bag features a low-profile back to keep the kit close to the attendant and a tuck-away backpack harness system for easy hands-free carrying. Front pocket includes elastic loops and pouches to keep supplies organized and in place. External, easy-access top pockets allow storage for suction devices.

Model 5108 Professional ALS Trauma Bag

Ferno's Professional ALS Bag can be made into an ALS system with the addition of 4 Mini-Bags. Ferno’s Professional Trauma Bags include durable features such as DuPont, Cordura construction, YKK zippers, and dual-density, Plastazote structural foam. Additional features include removable stiffeners and inserts for custom configuration, concealed shoulder straps, reflective labels, and a replaceable bottom that protects the bag from wet ground. Each bag is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Available in blue or red.